Saturday, 2 September 2017

#61 August 2017 Financial Summary

So, did we stick to the budget?

No. We spent £43.29 over budget.

If no, why not?

Main out-goings were a £200 new dining table the wife bought - not very frugal but she's been waiting years and it's worth alot more.

£50 for kids school milk for the next school year.

£101 accidentally paid for whole family dinner - mix up with the granddad :)

Did we earn more than we spent?

Yes. We earnt £283.09 more than we spent.

Any positives / milestones?

  1. 4th month in a row we have earnt more than spent.
  2. Spend over budget was less than £50.
  3. Pension savings topped £20k
  4. Sharesave value reached £1k
  5. Total savings excluding pension topped £2k
  6. Net worth increased by over £1k
Lessons / thoughts?

So close this month to being on budget. Making a concerted effort for September with the wife.

Priority is paying down the everyday credit card which will soon run out of 0% interest.

Using the Betfair Matched Betting value as our emergency fund blanket currently.

Effect on overall debt?

Student loan remains paid off :)
House loan remains paid off :)
Every day card balance is £1,465.21
0% Carpet loan balance is £1,782.78
HMRC debt - due 31/1/18 is £1,080.68
Total Debt  Exc Mortgage = £4,328.67

Wealth Accumulation


Pension Value
XO Shares Account 
Company Sharesave.
Fidelity Global Index Tracker
Cash (Matched Betting Liquidity)Betfair


Net Worth


An increase of £1,148.89 since last month.

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