Saturday, 2 September 2017

#61 August 2017 Financial Summary

So, did we stick to the budget?

No. We spent £43.29 over budget.

If no, why not?

Main out-goings were a £200 new dining table the wife bought - not very frugal but she's been waiting years and it's worth alot more.

£50 for kids school milk for the next school year.

£101 accidentally paid for whole family dinner - mix up with the granddad :)

Did we earn more than we spent?

Yes. We earnt £283.09 more than we spent.

Any positives / milestones?

  1. 4th month in a row we have earnt more than spent.
  2. Spend over budget was less than £50.
  3. Pension savings topped £20k
  4. Sharesave value reached £1k
  5. Total savings excluding pension topped £2k
  6. Net worth increased by over £1k
Lessons / thoughts?

So close this month to being on budget. Making a concerted effort for September with the wife.

Priority is paying down the everyday credit card which will soon run out of 0% interest.

Using the Betfair Matched Betting value as our emergency fund blanket currently.

Effect on overall debt?

Student loan remains paid off :)
House loan remains paid off :)
Every day card balance is £1,465.21
0% Carpet loan balance is £1,782.78
HMRC debt - due 31/1/18 is £1,080.68
Total Debt  Exc Mortgage = £4,328.67

Wealth Accumulation


Pension Value
XO Shares Account 
Company Sharesave.
Fidelity Global Index Tracker
Cash (Matched Betting Liquidity)Betfair


Net Worth


An increase of £1,148.89 since last month.

#62 August 2017 Fitness Update

What goals did I hope to achieve this month and did I achieve them?

  1. Be able to do 8 chin ups without break. Failed.
  2. New PB for;
    1. body weight Fran Achieved
    2. 21,15,9 (Press up & Burpees) Achieved
    3. half Angie Failed.
  3. Run half a mile post a work-out in less than 4 mins. Achieved.
  4. Set new benchmark PB in at least one more work-out. Achieved - Half Murph

Any lessons / thoughts?

Still enjoying it, finding variety is very important.

Half-Murph was a killer :)

I'm travelling abroad most weeks for work for two nights. I'm finding I'm eating and drinking far too much and never doing any excercise when away. Need to try and cut this back.


What is it?
When PB Set
 Max chin-ups without break
July 2017
 Bodyweight Fran time
this is 21 then 15 then 9 set of both chin ups and burpees.
 11m 33s
*New* Aug 2017
 21,15,9 press-ups and burpess: 
 this is 21 then 15 then 9 set of both press ups and burpees.
 4m 53s 
*New* Aug 2017
 Half Angie: 
this is 50 chin ups, 50 press ups, 50 sit ups and 50 squats
 18m 05s 
July 2017
Post exercise 0.5 mile run 

3m 58s 
*New* Aug 2017
Half Murph

for time, 0.5 mile run, 50 pull ups, 100 press ups, 150 squats, 0.5 mile run
41m 14s
*New* Aug 2017

What are my goals for next month?

  1. Do 8 unbroken chin ups.
  2. Set new PB for half-angie.
  3. At least one night per work trip do a workout, every trip.
  4. Add in one new excercise to 'portfolio' :)

Photo to hold me accountable.

June 6th 2017 vs September 1st 2017