Monday, 5 June 2017

#53 Matched Betting Accas

My introduction to matched betting was towards the back end of 2016. I wrote about it here.

I work in the industry, enjoy betting on the huge variety of sites and really can't believe that I'm nearly £3k better off because of it.

I use, haven't tried any of the other operators but find there approach and systems really simple and easy to use.


I love matched betting :) Find if really enjoyable. 

I tried making money from sequential laying accumlators and indeed did make some money. However, the time it was taking up to remember to lay each leg was really a pain. I missed a couple and had ate up some losses.

I'm now (albeit can only continue when the season starts up again) running with a no-lay method.

Here's how I'm getting on so far...

I've placed 8 acca's.

3 have won.
3 have had 1 leg lose. Meaning I have received a free bet.
2 have lost more than 1 leg. 

Reading online into the maths and likelihood this seems to be closely aligned with the probability of the scenarios. 

My expected cumulative earnings is £34.61. In actuality I have earnt £89.53.

There is the risk that I will go on a losing run but I've built up confidence in the odds monkey earned value and trust this to follow through. 

The most important thing for me is that this is

a) more repeatable than waiting for promotions from operators
b) less time consuming that laying
c) enjoyable. As it carries risk I can actually get excited/disappointed about results - whilst still understanding in the long run I'll make a profit anyway

Now just to wait until the new season comes around !!!

Friday, 2 June 2017

#52 May Summary

So, did we stick to the budget?

Nope. But so close £38.34 over. All work expenses are now on a separate account and not included now.

Did we earn more than we spent?

Yes. £455.80 more. Booster a little by £100 from matched betting.

Any positives?

Came very close to sticking to budget.

Liquid savings (ie savings excluding pension) rose above £1000 for the first time. Difference between this and debt (excluding mortgage is now £2,600~.

Net worth rose to £148k~ which is the first time it's higher than before our house move in Jan 2017
Lessons / thoughts?

Much cleaner and accurate now that expenses have been removed.

Effect on overall debt?

Student loan remains paid off :)
House loan remains paid off :)
Wedding card balance stands @ £1,794.54
0% Carpet loan balance is £2,079.93  

Total Debt  Exc Mortgage = £3,874.47

Wealth Accumulation


Pension Value
XO Shares Account 
Company Sharesave.
Fidelity Global Index Tracker


Net Worth