Friday, 3 June 2016

#25 May Summary

So, did we stick to the budget?

No. For the 12th month running.

If not, why not?

Grocery was £85 over budget, variable spending was £101 over budget.

No explanation for grocery shopping.

Variable spending we just spent too much on fun. Stag do, hen do, nigh out with football team in London, family day out etc Just too much.

Any positives?

It wasn't as bad as previous months, but with spreading the cost of bills and the improvements last month this is the most disappointing month so far. We should have been able to stick to budget.

Overall debt has now dropped below £20k.

Lessons / thoughts?

No real reason as to why we spent more on groceries or 'fun' variable spending. Just need to cut down on treats.

Expectations for next month?

Have to cut back. Have sisters wedding to attend to but other than that nothing planned. Need to stick to the budget next month.

Effect on overall finances?

S    Student loan – £335 was paid off direct from payslip. Total remaining now is £6,461
·         House loan – £298 was paid off direct debit. Total remaining now is £7,739
·         Credit Card -  £122.76 was paid off. Total remaining now is £5,332.99

Total Debt = £19,532.99


Savings were wiped this month to pay for an unplanned for childcare cost of over £750.

Account to pay for bills.
  • £62 added this month, total now is £62
Emergency savings. 
  • Target is £2629.29.
  • £219.86 added this month.
  • Current total is £219.86
Savings for France 2017 family holiday.
  • £0 added this month
  • Total now is £0
  • Current value is £370.98 (decrease of £3.80 since last month)
Total accessible savings =  £652.84 (£62 + £219.86 + £370.98)

  • Current value is £8,658.13