Thursday, 10 January 2019

#97 2018 Reviewed with graphs

2018 Reviewed

The highs (financially)

  • Total debt has decreased over £10k, now standing at £361k
    • Debt Exc Mortgage has decreased over £3k, now standing at £5.6k
  • Total savings have increased by £18k, now standing at £46k
    • Pension increased by £13.8k, now standing at £36k
  • Net worth has increase by £35.6k, now standing at £192k
The misses (financially)
  • The purchase of the car and the loan this required meant that we didn't finish 2018 with as much cash saved up as I'd hoped. Our emergency funds currently stand at £2k.

What does 2019 hold in store for us?
  • At the moment I am contemplating jumping back into a plan to get us in a position to buy-to-let. But I know that this is a feeling/desire I've had for many years - since I was a child - and so will give it time to see if it looks like something we truly will put our all into.
  • I need to keep up the matched betting motivation as this has the opportunity to bring in good additional income.
  • This is the last year that we're required to save up additional money for a family holiday - from 2020 on-wards the savings we've been making into my work sharesave will give us a minimum of £3,600 per year to spend on a holiday on a rolling basis. So priority is to make sure we a) have a great time and give the kids some awesome memories but also b) dont get into additional because of it
Finally, some graphs to top off the year.

Can see the affect of lifestyle inflation over the last 3 years. The big jump from 2016 > 2017/18 is due to the larger mortgage payments in part, but still one to watch over 2019.

Shame about the addition of the car loan really, but getting there.

A steady upwards curve for the equities, cash has been a bit all over the place. The large spike was when we had the loan sitting in our account but before we actually purchased the car, so that's not really relevant. Looking for an increase in the solid gains here in 2019.

I was happy back in August when including our Holiday Savings we finally had more money saved than we owed (exc mortage and pensions) but given we've committed to spending that I've recently excluded that so we're chasing the debt tail again. SO close to tipping this over and sailing on up in 2019 though.

Look where we were in March of 2016 - when I started focusing on managing our money properly. 

Friday, 30 November 2018

#96 Matched Betting with a goal in mind

I made a lot of money (£1k+) Matched Betting during the World Cup but it also took a fair bit of time and effort.

I found I quickly lost motivation to carry on afterwards because a) I needed a break and b) I'd made so much so quickly that the potential returns for the offers available just didn't excite me.

This has carried on for the months since, where I've only really done a handful of promotions and mainly just the Bet365 50, 50 deals.


I listen to a lot of music, audio podcasts and watch Netflix when travelling.

For a good couple of years now I've wanted some good headphones and had been toying with the idea of buying some this christmas again.. but have never made the jump as I just can't stand by paying hundreds of pounds for them, for something which I dont really NEED.


So... coupling my lack of motivation for Matched Betting with my desire to have some good headphones but not spending my hard earned salary on them... I'm now working through MB again with a specific aim of earning enough money prior to Christmas to treat myself.


How am I getting on?

I've set myself a very healthy budget target of £350 for the headphones - a lovely pair of wireless, noise cancelling pair will do very nicely thanks.

I started on 23-Nov.  Exactly one week ago.

Unsurprisingly, my motivation is back :)

In that week I've taken part in 13 offers, and have made a profit of £161.

Now this was helped largely by another random B365 bet 50 get 50 on the Liverpool game, but I have also started picking up new sign offers and some of the spins deals.

With this good start I'm confident I'll reach £350 pre-christmas and will be enjoying my new headphones.


I certainly found my motivation is back for matched betting. Since I re-started this on the 23-Nov, 48 days ago I have...

  • Partaken in 251 offers
  • Earnt £1,218.42
  • an average of £4.85 per offer
  • And only had 7 days where I have not partook in an offer

With this additional income I've been able to pay off the credit card and have -today - earnt enough to also by the long-awaited headphones.

However, I've found that having the carrot of the heaphone purchase has been a massive motivator.

So I've given myself 2 more challenges.

1) I need to go out running for 15 straight days - no more planning and rest days, I dont run enough as it is. After these 15 days I will allow myself to buy the headphones.
2) And I will carry that on for a further 15 days - at which point I will allow myself to open the box and use them :)

Next  - via matched betting - I am going to save up £100 each for two friends of mine.

Other ideas I have are

  • funding to increase my dividend portfolio - currently at 2 company's and with a expected annual income of £22 lol
  • pay for a 12 month subscription to 
    • Premium Spotify
    • A Gin club :)
    • A craft beer club
  • Pay off some of the car loan
  • Increase our cash savings (tried this in the past and lost motivation)
  • Begin saving again for a potential BTL adventure... a very long road... but one which I have kept coming back to the thought off since I was about 10 years old
For now, I'm just going to concentrate on what it immediately in front of me and raise the £200 to pay the friends.