Tuesday, 1 May 2018

#94 April Summary

This months check-in isn't going to be as positive as last months saving bonanza.

During the month our oven, dishwasher and washing machine all broke down!


Other than almost every appliance we own breaking we also bought a 30th birthday experience for the brother-in-law and a 60th birthday present for the mother-in-law, along with our own daughters 6th birthday present AND pre-paying for a photo shoot for when baby 3 comes along this month AND paying for spending money for our couple of nights away with friends.

All in all it was an expensive month and we ended up spending more than I earnt and having a savings rate of -17% :(


  • Our carpet loan dropped below £1k.
  • Pension value surpassed £33k
  • Equities, Cash + Pension surpassed £40k
  • Current Assets minus Current Liabs difference is below -£1k. 

April 2018
Gross Salary$6,071.51
Other Income$720.90
Total Income$6,792.41
Tax & NI$1,904.42
Variable Spending$3,965.02
Fixed Spending$1,777.56
Short Term Debt Repayment$303.00
Total Spending (exc Investments)$7,950.00
Net Income-$1,157.59
Savings Rate (%)-17
Pension Payments (Inc employer)$607.15
Total Liquid Assets$7,458.48
Student Loan$0.00
Everyday Credit Card Balance$1,027.32
HMRC Debt$0.00
Carpet Loan$990.38
Car Loan$5,825.24
Pram Loan$474.83
Total Liquid Liabs$8,317.77
Net Liquid Assets-$859.29

Sunday, 1 April 2018

#93 March Summary

Favourite time of the month again, especially after a bonus month AND the Cheltenham bonanza.


A great one-off month, we managed a 40% savings rate from the bumper pay. If you removed the short term debts we're repaying this would be closer to 60%!

Came to an agreement with the Mrs that in return for the purchase of one very expensive new pram - for our third child due in May - I could play football next season :) . So about £400~ was put down on the pram for this month and a 12 month 0% loan added to the liabilities.

Really happy with the decision to split the bonus 5050 between direct pension contributions and cash. The pension contributions should filter through to my assets by next month and the cash went towards paying down the car loan, knocking nearly 2 years off the 5 year repayment plan.

In terms of current assets and liabilities so excluding pension and mortgage, we currently owe £1,500 more than we have saved. Coupling debt decreasing by monthly debt repayments with normal monthly investments I'd expect to turn this into a positive probably not next month but in June.


March 2018
Gross Salary$20,906.51
Other Income$1,652.43
Total Income$22,558.94
Tax & NI$5,103.37
Variable Spending$3,039.55
Fixed Spending$1,544.56
Short Term Debt Repayment$3,759.89
Total Spending (exc Investments)$13,447.37
Net Income$9,111.57
Savings Rate (%)40
Pension Payments (Inc employer)$8,034.65

Current Assets:

March 2018
Shares ISA$81.11
Sharesave 2019$1,700.00
Sharesave 2020$500.00
Global Fund ISA$1,376.34
Dividend ISA$388.33
Total Liquid Assets$6,479.09
Student Loan$0.00
Everyday Credit Card Balance$388.34
HMRC Debt$0.00
Carpet Loan$1,089.43
Car Loan$5,986.02
Pram Loan$518.00
Total Liquid Liabs$7,981.79
Net Liquid Assets-$1,502.70